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Nicholas B. Weed
(Photo of me fighting the zombies in Lodi California with a chainsaw.) Taken at a Zombie Walk and are acted. I have seen images of Ghosts and UFOs that were real. Just wanted to say these were fake zombies, at an event, to be honest and truthful.
American GI Ghost? by nicholasweed UFO Closer Up by nicholasweed

Anything said on this Internet Page are the opinions of a soul individual, who is flawed and imperfect like most of the people living in this flawed and imperfect world. We all have our issues, and we should lighten up and not take everything so seriously. Statements here do not necessarily reflect the ideas or beliefs of any employer, they are just the ideas of one soul individual who realizes that he himself, anything he has to say, he thinks, or he feels really doesn't matter at all in this world. But, he tries to be honest and tell the truth. Like South Park, everything here is poorly done and shouldn't be viewed by anyone.... If someone wants to hate on me for executing my Free Speech, then they are just a Fascist-Hater who doesn't believe in Freedom.

I am however aware that this page might be a free Dosia File of Information about me, and my friend's list is a list of known associates. Stuff to add to the police state, the kind of free info Major Hocksteder of the Gestapo would want to know..... I may be lined up against the wall and shot as an intellectual when the Revolution comes....

I should cut back on cursing, I cuss maybe a little too much, my mother wouldn't approve....



I was named Nicholas after the Tsar that the Bolsheviks shot. I normally just go by the name Nick. I have sold some of my art to people before. I've also just given some of it away. If you want something feel free make me an offer and send me an email at: <> I can accept payments via PayPal. Let me know if you want to buy anything, or just help fund my art and films. I also like studying old Military artifacts, and try to be honest with the free information I provide about the historical items. Militaria can shed the light on how cruel the Human creature can really be. So METAL, METAL,METAL... But If you want to really learn how cruel the Human creature can be, just try talking to the female of the species....

I do however believe that Wars are Horrible, and should just be a thing of the past. But sometimes you get Shit-Heads like Hitler, or the Islamic State. Unfortunately, the only best course of action is the Roman action of putting them to the sword. You have to fight fire with fire.

Fuck Wealth Inequality by nicholasweed Was 911 A Lie? by nicholasweed Earth vs the Flying Saucers by nicholasweed Biodegradable Waste by nicholasweed Merica The Land of Waste by nicholasweed Fuck Friday Night Magic FNM by nicholasweed Worthless Money by nicholasweed

web stats by Statsie

I really don't expect to get much money at all for any of my art. I'll probably just die in poverty. I really don't like money, its evil. But I live in Merica and I need all the money I can get. =( $$$ "You have to have yo mind on yo money and yo money on yo mind." I really wish I had the $61,080 that my page is worth. I saw that on a webpage evaluating my DA Page. I guess DA makes a bunch of money off advertisements on here.

My Art at the Blackwater 3 by nicholasweed Every Election Year by nicholasweed WWI Gas Attack by nicholasweed


I look at this flag counter and think of all the poor people living in Africa who don't have access to the internet. I had flags from 70 countries before my old Flag counter died. Flags from all over the world, except most of Africa was blank. 62% of visitors were from the USA, 5.5% of visitors were from the UK, and 4% were from Germany. All the other countries were less than 4% each. I did have one visitor who used an anonymous proxy server. My guess was that they might have been a Homeland Security CIA spy checking out my Deviant Art Page. So for that guy, I'm going to make sure my internet page has "Death to America!" on it just to fuck with the Government Agents. The 1st Amendment to the US Constitution lets me do that. Maybe that will get more CIA guys to check out my art. On another thought it might have been North Koreans, so "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag floating in the wind?"-K.P.
PBS News Hour said that 87% of Americans have internet access in Oct 2014.

My Flag counter died again in Feb 2016. Africa was still blank except for South Africa. I had visitors from all over the rest of the world. I remember 63% was USA, 6% was Germany, 4% was United Kingdom, 2% was Canada. I would get between 0 to 20 views a day. Sometimes 50 views a day, but mostly 10 to 20 at the most.


We don't live in an United Earth like on Star Trek, we live in a Capitalistic World with Money to keep us all unequal. ($ = Inequality)

PIRATE NATION by axcy Fight Hatred by Party9999999 Revolutionary Recycling by Party9999999


Not all of my art is featured here on Deviant Art. Some of it I parted with before I had a DA page. I guess that I was born on the cusp between Generation X and Generation Y. I grew up watching too much TV. Stuff like movies on Cinemax, old TV shows on Nick at Night. and Music Videos on MTV.

I have a college degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences and sometimes just don’t know how to act, especially in matters with women. Dames have acted horrible towards me, and have burned me. I came to the sad conclusion that most Women are Evil, and that I am probably Damaged Goods. At least my estranged friend Verlana told me the truth. She was honest with me and told me that "Girls are Bitches." I use to like women, now I think I despise them some. Women, Can't live with them, can't live without them... All I can do is try and survive from one day to the next, and never truly live life to it's fullest. It was nice back in the day, those 6 years when I had a girlfriend. Other dames use to hit on me, back before I became some loser..... But there is a saying I have heard other guys use, "well she is just some dumb bitch." And, that old saying, "She is just some Dumb Broad." I must try and keep that in mind when it comes to women. Most dames are like that old saying, "She's just another pretty face..." Sometimes I wish I could get all those heartless bitches lasered out of my brain like in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, that way I'd have a lot less baggage to carry around. Behind every great man there's a woman driving him forward to achieve. I've got nobody at the wheel and I'm just Ghost Riding the Whip. I sure know that I hate Friend-Zone Bullshit. Lying Heartless Evil Bitches.

I have been accused of a bit being blunt when I talk with people. Maybe I hate all the social norms and morays that are placed upon me by society. I have become to believe that on Earth, in Human society, one has to act cretin ways in cretin situations. A person cannot simply be them-self, they have to lie and pretend to be the type of person that is in a social situation at the moment. I'd rather just be me, and I really dislike all the falsehood and lying people do in this world every day. Maybe William Shakespeare was right and ,"all the world's a stage". It's like what Brando said in Apocalypse Now about society being fake and a lie, "We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "fuck" on their airplanes because it's obscene!" I hope I'm not a sociopath.... I think in the working world it is good to try and remain professional and not talk about non work related things. Do the job at hand, get the paycheck, and go home. But, even Hitler bull-shited as he was a day laborer living homeless in Vienna. I try to stay away from politics and perfer talking bout Movies, history, astronomy, etc....

Someone accused me of being a Hipster once, and somewhat fit the definition of one they showed me on Urban Dictionary. One of my friends told me that not ever wanting to get a cell phone is one of the most Hipster things I’ve done. I heard on CBS News in August 2015 that 92 percent of people have cell phones. But my friends have informed me that a Hipster normally likes things that other people don't like just for shock value. They are kind of a phony trying to get attention for themselves. I like the things that I like because I truly like them. I am not a fake Hipster, I'm more of a Culture Vulture. Feasting on the dead pop culture that existed before my time.

But name calling is a logical fallacy. I believe this world to be one of anarchy. Whatever can happen most likely will happen. People chose to disregard the laws and social norms set in place and defy order. I see it happen ever day with people speeding on the freeway and not washing their hands after they leave the restroom. I am very negative and nihilistic when i think about life, people, and the world in general. I just feel so burnt out inside emotionally. Maybe Life is a bitch and then you die.

I sometimes feel that we are living in Marx's age of Super Capitalism where corporations are ruining everything for the sake of maximized profit. I fear the economy collapsing and Earth's Third World War. I think humans are capable of being stupid enough to nuke themselves. I really don't want to die fighting a billion Red Chinese. But, I also don't want to grow old and have to live in the Corporate-Fascist future like we see in the 1986 film Aliens. Where one corporation runs everything. I fucking hate corporations. Things would be so much easier if only the Zombies came and ate everyone....

Herbie by nicholasweed
Hitler's Hat by nicholasweed Stalin's Jacket by nicholasweed
Me and My Undead Friend, One of Uncle Joe's Men by nicholasweed Me and my Nazi Zombies by nicholasweed !!! STOLEN !!! WW2 to Vietnam Era US Army Bicycle by nicholasweed

I took Television Production classes in college but didn't get a degree in the subject. I made some low budget horror films with my friends. I'd like to make more, I just need to upgrade my technology. I was Stuck with Dial-up Internet for years. Here is a link to some of my dumb movies, they were all made without any budget or funding:…


Below are links to my best Horror Films so far:


Zorbans Poster by nicholasweed

(Zorbans: Attack of the Zombie Mormons)
Bord Nerds Production in association with Weed Films.

As the Zombie Mormons Convert the living to the dead, one man tries to survive. [9 Minute 3 Second Short Film.]…


SBC Poster by nicholasweed

(Student Body Count)
D-GOOD Films in association with Weed Films.

Police Detectives track a crazed killer who stalks the local college campus. [7 Minute 20 Second Short Film.]…


Terror of the Occult by nicholasweed

(Terror of the Occult )
Bord Nerds Production in association with Weed Films.

Two friends uncover a Satanic Cult conducting human sacrifice, and must fight for their lives. [6 Minute 20 Second Short Film.]…


Ghetto Gladiators Poster by nicholasweed

(Ghetto Gladiators)
Bord Nerds Production in association with Weed Films.

Street Gangs abduct people and force them to fight to the death for bloodsport gambling. Hail Caesar, we who are about to die, give you props dogg. [2 Minute 10 Second Short Film Preview.]…


NZC Movie Poster by nicholasweed NZC Production Stills by nicholasweed Zombie Squad by nicholasweed

(Natzee Zombie Carnage: Blitzkrieg Der Untoten Übermensch)
Bord Nerds Production in association with Weed Films.

American Dog-Face GIs must fight off an offensive of Undead Super-soldiers during the Second World War. [2 Hour 30 Min, Feature Film.]
Currently in Production. Preview Link…

Will be available on VHS and DVD. Release date undetermined.


(Ninja Vampire Kung Fu Nonsense in Outer Space)
Bord Nerds Production in association with Weed Films.

A magical artifact sparks the interest of rival vampire and ninja clans in a quest to retrieve it. The fate of the Galaxy hangs in the balance.
Postponed - Link added at later date.


(Asian Blood Gang)
Bord Nerds Production in association with Weed Films.

Lost survivors of the Zombie Apocalypses encounter rival gangs still controlling their turf despite the undead. Society has fallen and now only the Crypts and the Bloods remain.
Postponed - Link added at later date.


Other future Titles.

Curse of the Mummy's Revenge, Evil Twin,Zorbans 2: Joseph Smith's Revenge, Commie Zombie Carnage.


DEGREES GRANTED:Edison High School
High School Diploma

CERTIFICATE GRANTED:San Joaquin Delta College
Carpentry Technology

SCHOOL ATTENDED:Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
(2005) Spanish language class completed but no Degree.

DEGREES GRANTED:San Joaquin Delta College
1. Interdisciplinary Studies: Arts and Humanities Option
2. Humanities Associate in Arts
3. Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate in Arts
4. Interdisciplinary Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences Option
5. Social Sciences Associate in Arts

DEGREES GRANTED:California State University Stanislaus
Bachelor in Arts: History

My schooling has covered the basic Liberal Arts and Sciences. But, I have also focused on Humanity, Society and how to behave in it, How Art relates to Humanity, and the History of how people have treated each other in this world. Some Carpentry and Spanish language skills have also been acquired during the course of schooling. Other subjects studied were Television Production and the Arts, but no degrees in those subjects were completed.


Current Residence: My Mind, California, USA, North America, Earth, Oiron Cygnus spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.
Favourite genre of music: MoreBands: Jefferson Airplane, Blondie, Cream, The Beatles, BeeGees, Ozzy, SnoopDog, MNM, Eueythmics
Favourite style of art: Sculpture, MS Paint, Art Nouveau, Pop Art
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Spi, or my old Discman CD Payer.
Shell of choice: "...short chamber, Boxer, Henry point-four-five caliber." -Zulu
Skin of choice: Flavored Fried Pork Skins.
Favourite cartoon character: SpyVsSpy,Sad Sack,The Far Side,Adventure Time,Sgt. Rock,Invader Zim,Herman's Military Antiques
Personal Quote: "What Drives you on, can drive you mad" -Shirley Manson

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raspberryvixen Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the fave!  I really appreciate it!  Have a watch back!  =)

And I read your bio...I just have to say, not all of us women are heartlessly cold bitches.  A good majority, yes, but not all of us. I happen to be one of those "nice" ones, or so I think.  Heck, I've been like you, had my heart torn out, and I certainly think I'm damaged goods, too.  Always remember one're certainly NOT a loser!  =)  :heart:
nicholasweed Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
To be honest, I think I really need to just stop giving a damn about women.  There are other thinks to focus on like low budget bad horror films and militaria.  I just have been burned by women.  I do have one good friend I enjoy kicking it with sometimes.  She was the one who was honest and told me that girls are bitches.  I don't mean any offense, I just need to not give a damn anymore.  Except for my friend, she friend zoned me, but she is still a good dame.  Worth kicking it with from time to time.  I only said the loser thing because there is a social bias against men who don't have a woman.  It is a fucked up thing in our society that is forced on guys.  Like, if you don't do well with the ladies than you must be some fucking loser.  Just social propaganda.
raspberryvixen Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Social propaganda certainly does drive the world, doesn't it?  Women get the same thing, as well...did you know that we're worthless if we don't have a man around to prop us up? Hmph.  But you are so right...there are so much more fun things to focus on, like comics and history and excellent music and a good glass of whisky.  =)
nicholasweed Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
But in all honesty, I might be a bit shallow.  I have been accused of only liking the pretty girls.  I have turned some chicks down in the past that I wasn't into.
KaterinaVitale Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
thank you so much
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