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Nicholas B. Weed
United States
(Photo of me fighting the zombies in Lodi California with a chainsaw.) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
I normally just go by the name Nick. I have sold some of my art to people before. I've also just given some of it away. If you want something feel free make me an offer and send me an email at: <> I can accept payments via PayPal. Let me know if you want to buy anything, or just help fund my art and films.

I really don't expect to get much money at all for any of my art. I'll probably just die in poverty.

My Art at the Blackwater 3 by nicholasweed Every Election Year by nicholasweed WWI Gas Attack by nicholasweed

web stats by Statsie


I look at this flag counter and think of all the poor people living in Africa who don't have access to the internet. I had flags from 70 countries before my old Flag counter died. Flags from all over the world, except most of Africa was blank. 62% of visitors were from the USA, 5.5% of visitors were from the UK, and 4% were from Germany. All the other countries were less than 4% each. I did have one visitor who used an anonymous proxy server. My guess was that they might have been a Homeland Security CIA spy checking out my Deviant Art Page. So for that guy, I'm going to make sure my internet page has "Death to America!" on it just to fuck with the Government Agents. The 1st Amendment to the US Constitution lets me do that. Maybe that will get more CIA guys to check out my art.

Flag Counter


Not all of my art is featured here on Deviant Art. Some of it I parted with before I had a DA page. I guess that I am a member of Generation X. I grew up watching too much TV. Stuff like movies on Cinemax, old TV shows on Nick at Night. and Music Videos on MTV.

I have a college degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences and sometimes just don’t know how to act, especially in matters with women. Dames have acted horrible towards me, and have burned me. I came to the sad conclusion that the Human female is just a Cold Hearted Evil Bitch that I can only trust to either not give a damn about me in the first place, or likely to string me along until they get tired of me and abandon me all together. But, I really shouldn't let a few bad apple ruin the whole batch, should I?. Some dames have been nice to me and been good friends to me, but just friends... But there has been those Bitches. The ones who tear you apart inside and don't give a shit about you. After every one you meet, they just leave you feeling more dead inside. So rejected. I don't mean any disrespect to women folk, but they have made me a little more bitter. I did wreck one woman's life that I loved. It was all my fault, and she will never talk to me again. I'll always miss her, she was so awesome but now she probably hates me... Maybe I am just some rat-bastard that deserves to die alone, unloved. I know that when it comes to women, I am Damaged Goods.

Someone accused me of being a Hipster once, and somewhat fit the definition of one they showed me on Urban Dictionary. One of my friends told me that not ever wanting to get a cell phone is one of the most Hipster things I’ve done. But my friends have informed me that a Hipster normally likes things that other people don't like just for shock value. They are kind of a phony trying to get attention for themselves. I like the things that I like because I truly like them. I am not a fake Hipster.

I don’t know, I would rather be called an Eccentric Artist. One who is misunderstood and under appreciated. But name calling is a logical fallacy. I believe this world to be one of anarchy. Whatever can happen most likely will happen. People chose to disregard the laws and social norms set in place and defy order. I see it happen ever day with people speeding on the freeway and not washing their hands after they leave the restroom. I am very negative and nihilistic when i think about life, people, and the world in general. I just feel so burnt out inside emotionally. But at least a few people were nice and stopped to offer to help me change my flat tire along Highway 12, the Highway of Death, on Christmas once. At least there are some nice people in the world. I have been accused of being a Glass Half Empty sort of person. I need to chillax and lighten up some. But maybe Life is a bitch and then you die.

I sometimes feel that we are living in Marx's age of Super Capitalism where corporations are ruining everything for the sake of maximized profit. I fear the economy collapsing and Earth's Third World War. I think humans are capable of being stupid enough to nuke themselves. I really don't want to die fighting a billion Red Chinese. But, I also don't want to grow old and have to live in the Corporate-Fascist future like we see in the 1986 film Aliens. Where one corporation runs everything.

Me and my Nazi Zombies by nicholasweed Hitler's Hat by nicholasweed Stalin's Jacket by nicholasweed

I took Television Production classes in college but didn't get a degree in the subject. I made some low budget horror films with my friends. I'd like to make more, I just need to upgrade my technology. I was Stuck with Dial-up Internet for years. Here is a link to some of my dumb movies, they were all made without any budget or funding:…


My best Horror Films so far:

(Zorbans: Attack of the Zombie Mormons) A Bord Nerds Production.
As the Zombie Mormons Convert the living to the dead, one man tries to survive.…

(Student Body Count) A D-GOOD Film.
Police Dectectives track a crazed killer who stalks the local college campus.…

(Terror of the Occult ) A Bord Nerds Production.
Two friends uncover a Satanic Cult conducting human sacrifice, and must fight for their lives.…

(Ghetto Gladiators) A Bord Nerds Production.
Street Gangs abduct people and force them to fight to the death for bloodsport gambling.…

(Natzee Zombie Carnage: Blitzkrieg Der Untoten Übermensch)
A Bord Nerds Production.
American Dog-Face GIs must fight off an offensive of Undead Super-soldiers during the Second World War.
Currently in Production - Link added at later date.

(Ninja Vampire Kung Fu Nonsense) A Bord Nerds Production.
A magical artifact sparks the interest of rival vampire and ninja clans in a quest to retrieve it.
Currently in Production - Link added at later date.

(Asian Blood Gang)A Bord Nerds Production.
Lost survivors of the Zombie Apocalypses encounter rival gangs still controlling their turf despite the undead. Society has fallen and now only the Crypts and the Bloods remain.
Currently in Production - Link added at later date.



DEGREES GRANTED:Edison High School
High School Diploma

CERTIFICATE GRANTED:San Joaquin Delta College
Carpentry Technology

SCHOOL ATTENDED:Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
(2005) Spanish language class completed but no Degree.

DEGREES GRANTED:San Joaquin Delta College
1. Interdisciplinary Studies: Arts and Humanities Option
2. Humanities Associate in Arts
3. Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate in Arts
4. Interdisciplinary Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences Option
5. Social Sciences Associate in Arts

DEGREES GRANTED:California State University Stanislaus
Bachelor in Arts: History

Current Residence: My Mind, California, USA, North America, Earth, Oiron Cygnus spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.
Favourite genre of music: MoreBands: Jefferson Airplane, Blondie, Cream, The Beatles, BeeGees, Ozzy, SnoopDog, MNM, Eueythmics
Favourite style of art: Sculpture, MS Paint, Art Nouveau, Pop Art
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Spi, or my old Discman CD Payer.
Shell of choice: "...short chamber, Boxer, Henry point-four-five caliber." -Zulu
Skin of choice: Flavored Fried Pork Skins.
Favourite cartoon character: SpyVsSpy,Sad Sack,The Far Side,Adventure Time,Sgt. Rock,Invader Zim,Herman's Military Antiques
Personal Quote: "What Drives you on, can drive you mad" -Shirley Manson

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